wyberry has a broad competence within the team. In addition to great technical expertise around their technology, they show that they also are able to communicate and present their ideas in an educational and appealing manner. And this is precisely what is needed for them to progress.
Dr Kelkkanen, Innovation Office at Chalmers University of Technology
The project is approved due to your strong and engaged business teamunique and exiting technology and the potentially significant impact the project could have on the Information and Communication Technology industry.
VINNOVA, The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems
A very well written business plan and a unique technology that can revolutionize an entire industry. We predict a wireless, exciting future and are confident that this competent and driven team will develop the idea into a successful business with great growth potential on a global market.
Venture Cup, Sweden's largest business case competition. Started in 1998 by McKinsey & Company.